Mittwoch, 24. September 2014
Beijing Creatives 9-2014

At its finest this time.

Curated by Philipp Grefer of Fake Music Media, waving good bye to Corinna going to Berlin, who is hopefully coming back in a year – this was a really very nice composition of four creatives living in Beijing presenting their work at Beijing Creatives (their FB-link) tonight:

– Michael Seifert

Doing a fabulous job as sound engineer for The Flowers of War and for Coming Home, both by Zhang Yimou. This picture is showing what he says he is enjoying the most: recording an orchestra.

– ABS Graffiti Crew, represented by Noise or Shizi 柿子

Who is with his crew going wild with image branding, an own shop, even their own spray can brand, which I suppose makes sense here in China, spreading hiphop culture in their homeland and being quite successful with it.

Some of their images reminded me of the freemansion exhibtion I had just seen in Warsaw.

– Solveig Suess

Working as a graphic designer and urbanista being into what she calls Audio Archaeology. Very nice work you should look into.

They will launch their Conrecte Flux magazine on October 1st, 2014, 6pm at Quanyechang at Dashilar. Check it out.

– Helen Fang, Nova Heart

Helen was talking about what and what not and what why and she also showed us a nice clip I might get from Philipp somehow later on to link here.


Then I saw Alex again, this one is for Michela:

And I hustled around a bit at Migas' rooftop …

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