Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015
Heiqiao Offspace this Sunday: 2 dimensions only

“Next opening at 新展览在黑桥OFF空间 BLACKBRIDGE OFFSPACE.
Opening 开幕时间:七月5-July-2015, 17:00

The generosity in joyful limitations: 2 dimensions only

Curated by 策展:Anna Hofbauer / 刘晓辉 Liu Xiaohui

Participating artists 参展艺术家:胡庆雁 Hu Qingyan, Kris Lemsalu, 刘晓辉 Liu Xiaohui, Lazar Lyutakov, Anne Speier, Misha Stroj, 孙亚飞 Sun Yafei, 王光乐 Wang Guangle

Units of Measuring 'Amount'

The weight of an elephant is a world apart from that of an ant, but the amount and frequency of the ant's steps is also a world apart of those of the elephant. Here notions of 'amount' are like those of 'labor', measured in the density within units of surface, or in even more abstract definitions. Besides the obvious measurements of weight and dimension, what comes to mind is the amount of thought, the amount of accumulated time, ballsiness, and intensity. Weightier than Mount Tai, as light as a feather – all metaphors for amounts, carrying along value orientations. The methods of measuring 'amounts' are in the concept, in the eye of the beholder.
刘晓辉 Liu Xiaohui


一 只大象的重量和一只蚂蚁是相差悬殊的,但是蚂蚁的爬行步数和频率与大象也是相差悬殊的。这里关于“量”的概念,类似于“工”,单位面积里面的密度,乃至更 加抽象的定义。除了泛泛所指的重量,体量,还有思考的“量”,时间积累的“量”,胆量,密度等等更多延展出去的想象。重于泰山,轻如鸿毛都是一些关于“量”的比喻,它们跟价值取向有关。“量”的计算方式,是在理解概念里的仁者见仁,智者见智。
刘晓辉 Liu Xiaohui”

By Anna Hofbauer and Bianca Regl.

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