Donnerstag, 27. November 2014
Out of the Fence – Connected in Parallel 护栏——并联

Beijing: Opening on Nov-30 and artist talk on Dec-7!

Exhibition 展览: 30-Nov-2014–7-Dec-2014
Opening 开幕式: 30-Nov-2014, 16:00
Artist talk 艺术论坛: 7-Dez-2014, 16:00
@ Black Sesame Space 芝麻空间
Heizhima Hutong 13, Dongcheng District, Beijing (West of Nanluo guxiang)

With support of 赞助北京:Goethe-Institut (China) 歌德学院(中国).

Out of the Fence 护栏

In order to order population, fences are showing up massively on the streets and sideways of Beijing. It appears almost lunatic. Lunacy of constructing of structuring of regulating. Navigating the masses. Are we inside or outside the zoo gates?

Representing an enclosure of a piece of land in the West, fences in China regulate the masses and guide the people. Crowd coping seems only necessary in exceptional cases in the West – it is the daily card in China. Are fences restraints, borders, barriers? Do they offer security or seclusion or confrontation, are they possibly conquerable? How do we live inside them?



Connected in Parallel 并联

How do we find, create and use the personal space inside the given and limited aisles? Our three artists are guided by all kind of fences on their ways, but they are also connected by fences and at the same time divided – connected in parallel. Inside these fences, they have their personal on and off buttons, with which they can switch and witch how they like. In this exhibition they are showing us their own paths …


And this is how it looked 展览是这样:

Zhang Xinjun 张新军:

Zhai Liang 翟倞:

He Jian 何健:

Thank you guys! 谢谢你们仨!

We went to a bar after the opening to celebrate … and happened to stumble on this – fences everywhere:

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