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[cíqì 瓷器] Private Beach Party 2013, July 27.–28. | 瓷器潮汐私人派对2013年

Cíqìs: Join us for this year's feast!







Dearest cíqìs,

The sun over our heads in Beijing is turning its heat on again – time for another beach party, the 4th on the bounce.

[cíqì 瓷器] stands for “porcelain”, more broad for “China” and in today’s vernacular for “close friendship” – and this latest version is what we’d like to celebrate again: Let us all together get out of the city’s heat and head for our private beach in Nandaihe end of July. We will leave on Saturday, the 27th, and return on Sunday, the 28th. There will be music all day and night by Beijing’s finest DJs, you can bring your kids and dogs, the sand is white and the sea as blue as it gets in China, the beer is cold, you can relax and chill and dance.

If you have not yet fled the Jing and want to be on board, please get back to us soon, we need to book the bus and get everything organized. Check out our links below for info and call or write for any question. Tickets can be purchased at Café Zarah or by contacting us directly. We have special rates for hotel rooms at the resort or you can stay in tents at the beach – bring them yourself or rent them there. Just let us know how you decide and we will book everything accordingly. Of course you can also just sleep at the beach or dance all night.

Looking forward to seeing you this July!

All the best,
The [cíqì 瓷器]-team.

Please register here until 7-23
Get your tickets at Café Zarah
Watch our beach clip here
Listen to our music here

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